Farr 40s prepare for the Anniversary Regatta next week

10 Farr 40s will compete next week in a combination of match racing and fleet racing. This annual event is held in Miami and is generally a warm and breezy regatta. The usual top teams will be in attendance with Rig Pro customers Barking Mad and Goombay Smash hopefully leading the charge.


Miami 07


IRC East Coast Championships begin today

We have several customers competing in the IRC Champs in Annapolis. The Interlodge is the most interesting and staged to win the event barring any mishap. This boat went through a major transformation this summer from being a Med Cup TP 52 and becoming a 52′ IRC rocket. Changes included an entire cordage package featuring Maffioli KP, ZP, and DYCO covers.


Another Rig Pro customer is the Melges 32 Celeritas who is training for their winter of class racing. They have a great Blog which may feature some regatta updates.


Good luck to all IRC competitors!

Swan 42 Rigging Deals!

Jib Sheets-10mm Maffioli KP cover, stripped, spliced onto Tylaska J8 shackle $656 for a pair  Add $60 for hobbles

Main Halyard- 8mm Yale Crystaline with Dyneema pigtail at top $403

Spinnaker Halyard-10mm Maffioli PC cover, stripped with T8 spliced on $831

Deal is good through November 20th, and be sure to mention that you saw it on the blog!

Fall Discounts on Farr 40 rigging

Since we are entering the season of giving, I thought that we would offer some serious deals of One Design Cordage. These prices are about as good as it gets, so take advantage now. These prices are good though November 20th and you have to mention that you saw the deal here.

Farr 40 jib halyard- Yale Crystaline, stripped and spliced $281.00. Add a T8 for $141.06

Farr 40 main halyard- Yale Crystaline with a Dyneema pigtail $381.00

Farr 40 spinnaker sheets- Yale Maxibraid Plus, stripped and spliced $316 for a pair

Farr 40 Vang $828.05

Farr 40 Inhauler rings with rubber $53.00 for a set 

Farr 40 Worlds 2002, we were there..........



It is always very satisfying to see and hear about LOUPS in places far from their birthplace here in Portsmouth, RI. Back in 2001 while trying to keep busy in chilly New England, I started playing around with the idea of making a continuous loop product. We had seen these on many of the French multihulls and Open boats, but that was the extent of their use. I started working with the folks at Yale Cordage on different techniques of splicing, or not splicing and a variety of cover options. There was also the aspect of annealing the loops that made them 10%-15% stronger, and all of the machinery and processes that go along with this. Around this time “The Race” was taking place and Team Adventure took off to sail around the world with loops make with these cores and covers that we had been developing. Shortly thereafter, Yale trademarked the LOUPS name and a new product was born. Now here we are approaching 10 years later and who know how many LOUPS later! We eventually distributed the majority of LOUPS though Harken but also sell many standard and custom sizes directly from our shop. There are now 4 sizes of cores and their appropriate covers which complete a huge range of safe working loads.


A common question someone asks while holding a LOUPS is “how strong is this LOUPS and what do the purple flecks mean?” The number of purple flecks in the cover indicate the laps of core material in the LOUPS. Additionally, a yellow fleck means it is a smaller core size, or a part number starting with a 3. The fuchsia fleck part numbers begin with a 7, and a double fuchsia begins with a 9. In a part number, the next two numbers are the diameter of the LOUPS and the last two numbers are the length in inches. For example, a 51012 part number is a 5mm core, 10mm diameter, and is 12 inches long. Once you have identified a LOUPS, or determined what strength it is that you are looking for, you can refer to the chart and choose the LOUPS with the appropriate safe working load. We like to know the SWL that is required and then choose a LOUPS with an equal or greater SWL. All LOUPS have an SWL determined using a safety factor of 4.

Of course LOUPS have different strengths determined by how they are used in the application. The common orientations are vertical, basket, dogboned, and choker.









The spreadsheet showing all of the standard sizes of LOUPS can be found at www.loupsstore.com

Though there are 44 standard sizes that we keep in stock, we always make custom sizes to our customers requests. We have used the LOUPS to attached running backstays on a 140′ sloop, as a bobstay on a 69′ IRC racer, and recently to hang the mainsheet block under the boom of a 155′ sloop rigged by Southern Spars. The point is, if a LOUPS is chosen properly they are highly reliable and a great substitute for metal shackles in most cases.

Other great uses:

  • choker them to a padeye and then clip you halyard to the LOUPS for the night. This way to dont hear the metal on metal noises while trying to sleep aboard.
  • basket a LOUPS though your anodized aluminum toerail and then attach the snatch block to the LOUPS. This saves the aluminum from being gouged up by a steel shackle
  • attach a block to your bowsprit of headstay tang for flying an asymmetrical spinnaker
  • using a LOUPS and dogbone, you can make shackles for all kind of uses

Give us a call for any LOUPS needs, standard or custom. 401-683-6966 brianfisher@southernspars.com


Today happens to be a nice fall day here in Newport, and it is a good thing. I dont know if it will all get done today, but we have “a bit on”.  Half of our service team is stepping the rig on a 147′   ketch that has been completely refit, while the other half are stepping the rig on the new Highland Fling. Somehow this week we are also finishing up some work on a 90′ modern classic featuring a brand new Southern Spars rig and EC 6 Carbon standing rigging.

Back in the shop our ace rigger Kyle is about to dig into a package for a 90′ sloop who just chose to use Maffioli KP on new sheets and runner tails.

All good  here in sunny Newport


NEW Products!!

We tend to get a little excited about new additions to our cordage selection. I can almost remember back when we were the first to offer solid colored covers on Yale Crystaline and Maxi Braid Plus……….the good old days.

Most developments are still being made in the outer cover of line. Kevlar, Nomex, PBO, and now Technora are widely used and each have a specific handling characteristic. Below are 3 cool new lines that have come out recently and we have added to our inventory.

Hampidjan, the makers of Dynex Dux are now covering their core with a Technora and polyester cover. This is a great combination of the strongest core for its size and a very durable cover. Great for jib sheets on the Swan 42 and Farr 40.

Dynex Dux with Technora cover

Dynex Dux with Technora cover


The next two items have been around all summer and we have started using them more and more. First the Super Swift product is a development on the very popular Swiftcord that people use for control lines. The Super Swift has a Dynemma SK 75 core inside and the signature nubby feeling cover on the outside. The result is a line that stays round, holds in cam cleats and does not tangle easily. It can also be stripped, making it a great choice for everything from traveller control lines to topping lifts and small boat sheets. We have a few spools in 6.5mm, 8mm, and 10mm.

Shop Pics 010

The other new Maffioli product here at Rig Pro is their DYCO cover over a Dyneema SK 75 core. DYCO cover stands for Dyneema in the cover. Dyneema is possibly the lightest fiber that can be used in rope making. It is so light that it floats. Combining Dyneema in the cover creates a noticeably lighter cover than using plain polyester. Like most Maffioli covers, the Dyneema is blended with Codura which gives the line the nice “grippy” texture and allows it to hold well in cleats in jammers. The only downside that I see is the Dyneema has a relatively low melting point which would not make this a great choice for an application that may see some heat build up, like big boat spin sheets. This line is perfect for halyards that feature a lock system or a main halyard on most boats. We currently have some 8mm and 10mm but will increase our stock as we head closer to Key West Race Week.

Shop Pics 011

That is about it for now, but check back as there are some new hardware items on the way.