2015 Transatlantic Race!!

Given that Newport is fully covered in snow right now, it is hard to imagine that nearly 60 yachts will depart Newport in less than 6 months on the Transatlantic Race. The entry list shows over 50 impressively qualified yachts from the new Comanche down to a J42 and Hinkley 42. The new Rambler is also entered as well as a 100 foot Finot design chartered by American Clarke Murphy. The buzz around Newport from May until the start should be really exciting.

Rig Pro Newport is looking forward to being a part of the local industry scene and outfitting these boats with last minute needs. We will have an impressive staff of service techs this summer including Volvo Race veterans and super-yacht riggers. In addition, we now have the composite standing rigging world wrapped up with the recent aquisition of Future Fibers by Southern Spars. This now gives Rig Pro access to the worlds be products for standing rigging, aft rigging, and torsion cables.

Our shop is fully stocked and we will have our trailer at the Newport Shipyard. Some brands that we carry are Equiplite, Spinlock, Harken and Winmar. We are also the largest stocking agent of Marlow Ropes in the US. We take pride in this and keep many high tech lines in stock including SK99 cores and Technora and PBO covers. Please let us know how we can help make your trip across the pond safe and quick. brian.fisher@southernspars.com

HAN2 Tech 50 colors 14mm Marlow Tech 50 Grey 24mm Tech 50 Marlow KOHL2 CsheetROPE28-20 nptsh8-14 pbotech WM1 12mmMGPR B


The re-fit of Equinochio

This morning we bid farewell to Martin and his family aboard their Swan 59 “Equinochio”. Usually boats are arriving at this time of year but Martin is going the other way. We first became involved in this project through Jamestown Boatyard who we work with frequently. JBY is a certified Swan yard and the place to go if you are looking to do work on a Swan, especially an older boat. Martin found this boat in the fall and brought it to JBY for the project. The techs at JBY know all of the intricacies of Swans and can cut through much of the research that would be necessary for other yards to find and fix parts on a 1979 vintage boat.

In the fall, Phip removed all oSwan 59f the old Navtec rod and prepared it for replacement. The older Swan rigs have giant tangs at the spreader ends. Phip was able to integrate the newer style Navtec parts as replacement as well as new style turnbuckles at the deck. When we do a job like this we check everything over on the rig and make other recommendations for service and upgrades. Martin opted to add a few lights, new wiring and a new Harken furler.







At this time I had my first look at the running rigging. Lets just say that it may have been original. In the end we replaced every bit of rope onboard with modern materials for offshore cruising. I used a combination of Marlow Ropes D2 Racing product and also some Gleistein Ropes. When you have this many lines rigged on deck, you need an extensive selection of colors and color patterns. Good thing we stock all of this here at Rig Pro Newport. We replaced the wire runners and checkstays with Dynex DUX. This is not so much to save weight. After all, the Equinochio weighs approximately 60,000LBS! The primary advantage is reducing wear and tear on the mainsail and the aft edge of the spreaders. We then replaced the massive stainless steel blocks with some modern Harken teardrops with padded covers. We also replaced the lazy jacks, furler lines, reef lines and travellers.








Working on Martin’s project was not the same as other yachts that we work on. Martin was leaving on what most of us would consider the trip of a lifetime. The first part of the trip will take them back home, to Chile. Then, in the southern hemisphere summer, they will venture further south to South Georgia Island and beyond. It is safe to say that 1 year old Larry will be one of the youngest to have crossed the equator!











North Sails RI provided Martin with a 3Di mainsail and genoa. These sails are a variation of the product used in the Volvo Race and should be bulletproof for thousands of miles.












Part of the re-rodding service is a full rig tune and sea trial. Phip accomplished with along with the new sails in one outing.

Safe sailing Martin and family!



New fiber from DSM

Netherlands. Dyneema®, SK99 for running rigging-The winning innovation for performance yachts


Monday, 30 September 2013


At METS 2013 (Marine Equipment Trade Show, 19-21 November in Amsterdam RAI), DSM the producer of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE), branded as Dyneema®, will show how the world of yacht racing will be reaching levels of extreme performance with the introduction of Dyneema® SK99, the strongest fiber ever made by DSM.


Edwin Grootendorst, Global Segment Director at DSM Dyneema said, “Cutting edge performance in the world of racing yachts demands cutting edge products. Dyneema® SK99 is our latest innovation for running rigging. Naval architects employ super computers and theoretical fluid dynamic modeling software to ensure that racing boats can reach their maximum potential speed on all points of the wind. As any rigger, skipper or trimmer knows, transferring wind energy from the sails to the hull is the job of the rigging. Poor performance rigging can make the difference between winning or losing races and optimum power and acceleration is a matter of millimeters. When it matters, Dyneema® SK99 will be there pushing boats faster; helping to win races and we are looking forward to revealing the experience we are building with this exciting product.”


Dyneema® SK99 delivers the highest tenacity available in a light weight, polymer fiber to date showing a 7% increase over SK90 and 20% over SK75 and SK78. This translates into thinner, lighter weight lines than traditional ropes, or lines with the same diameter but with significantly increased strength. The result is better performance from more compact rigging, which is lighter, takes up less space, lowers resistance and increases speed. The modulus is 10% higher than SK90 and 35% higher than SK75 and SK78. This improvement in modulus translates into lower stretch, better sail performance and thus faster possible boat response.


Running rigging made with Dyneema® is the product of choice on boats where it matters. Ropes with Dyneema® are used on boats that range from the fastest, ultimate performance boats and round the world endurance racers, to recreational yachts. It has proven to deliver results and retain its properties over an extended lifetime and is not affected by the tough environment that can be found around the oceans of our world.


The full range of Dyneema® products, including SK99, will be available for the complete spectrum of yachts and their rigging needs through our licensed partners and can be seen at METS 2013 with the following selected yacht supply partners:


• Gottifredi Maffioli S.p.A

• Liros GmbH

• Marlow Ropes Ltd

• English Braids Ltd

• Geo Gleistein & Sohn GmbH

• New England Ropes Corp.

• Teufelberger

• Hampidjan hf

• Corderie Henri Lancelin



St Barts Bucket and Hanuman

The 2013 St Barts Bucket went pretty well for the Hanuman, North Sails, and Rig Pro Newport. Kenny Read and his team nearly swept the regatta just as they did with sail supply! It is amazing that there were 2-3 North 3Di  sails at this same event last year, and this year nearly the entire J Class had full wardrobes.  

The Hanuman crew warmed up in Virgin Gorda and then charged through the Bucket with a 1-1-1-1 scorecard.







Rig Pro Newport outfitted the Hanuman with a new set of EC6 Carbon rigging in the fall. This replaced the discontinuous EC6 that was a few years old. There was nothing wrong with it, but eliminating the terminations appealed to the owner for performance and appearance. In addition, Rig Pro Newport worked with the team’s rigger and supplied some new running rigging. 

  • machine tapered genoa halyard. This was from Marlow and featured an SK90 MAX core with a Technora/ polyester cover. Even though this halyard is on a lock most of the time, the afterguard wanted a halyard that they could sail on near mark roundings. The tapered tail for the back third of the halyard was a big hit with the pitmen.
  • new runner tails were made for the event using 22mm Marlow Ropes. These have an SK78 core for longevity and a Technora/ polyester cover 
  • photo4










  • tapered genoa sheets- These were a big hit with the crew. J Class sheets are 51 meters each so tapering the back third is handy for the trimmers and organisers. For this set, we dropped the diameter down to 20mm and used a heat set MAX core from Marlow. 
  • tacklines, foreguys, LOUPS, dogbones, Code O furling lines


Caribbean Regattas are in full swing!

The 2013 Caribbean season began a few weeks ago with the Carribean 600 and Heineken Regatta.

Image The next few weeks will see the Rolex Regatta, featuring the Melges 32 class and will then move to Virgin Gorda and St Barts for super yacht racing. 19 yachts will race off North Sound just a week after the YCCS hosted the Swan Regatta. Then there is a new race from VG to St Barts for the Bucket. Five J class yachts will compete in their own class with their own start. This will be interesting with Endevour and Lionhart being practically new and Ken Read and co. on the Hanuman.Image

Then, if you can wait around, the Voilles de St Barts is on April 8th. The silly season wraps up with Antigua classics and Race week in late April.